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Cubic Screw jacks

The MJ and BJ series with a cubic housing shape unite the idea of converting a rotary movement into an axial movement with the aesthetic exterior of the cubic housing to form a functional unit, through which the constructive basic idea of a simple and robust Screw jacks design was ideally realised.


  • Minimisation of the necessary components and maximisation of the effectiveness of these components
  • Relatively large lifting and moving forces can be realised in the smallest of spaces
  • The spindle is guided through the housing
  • The cubic housing shape makes attachment to existing construction elements simple

The MJ/BJ jacks are available in 11 sizes, each with a basic version and a travelling nut version which, depending on the size, start from a payload of 2.5 kN and can lift up to 500 kN.

Highly integrated position encoder

GROB developed an improved position encoder in 2010. This was presented to the public for the first time at the MOTEK 2010. The advantage of this encoder is that only the actual movement after the worm shaft is detected and can be incremented or decremented, e.g. by means of a counter. There are at least 2 sensors for determining the direction of rotation. A limit switch function can also be provided by means of an evaluation unit. The signals are either evaluated by means of the customer's own controller or displayed on the evaluation unit offered by GROB.

Our display unit also has two programmable outputs that can provide a limit switch function. The resolution differs; see table. This differs partly between normal and slow transmission. The encoder is available for the complete drive series MJ0 to MJ5 and BJ1 to BJ5. This is a highly integrated solution that can always be used if no second shaft end can be occupied, or if none exists.
A further advantage is that the backlash between worm wheel and worm shaft has no effect on the accuracy.


  • The actual movement after the worm shaft is detected
  • Limit switch function
  • Direction of rotation monitoring
  • Motion monitoring
  • High integration density, therefore no occupancy of the second shaft end necessary

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