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These are our manufacturing facilities:

CNC machine centre

Sizes from 900x700x700

CNC milling (4 axes)

Sizes from 1000x480x600

CNC turning with driven tools

Diameter: 3 to 250
Distance between centres: 450mm

NC turning

Diameter: 8 to 650
Distance between centres: 3000

Conventional turning

Diameter: 10 to 500
Distance between centres: 4500

Flat grinding


Cylindrical grinding

Diameter: 10 to 300
Length: 2700

Gear cutting

Spur gear module 1 to 6
Diameter from 5 to 700
Worm gears: Modul 1 to 10

Thread whirling

Diameter from 8 to 400
Distance between centres: 15000

How you benefit from our contract work

It all began in 1945 with an iron turnery shop. That has developed into one of the leading European manufacturers of linear drive technology today. The complete processing of our own products takes place in our company. So you see: metalworking and metal processing has been our core topic for over 70 years.

Today we have a top-class machine pool at our disposal. It is the basis for a high manufacturing depth and flexible, high-precision manufacturing. The complete manufacturing process for our products takes place at our own company.

That is precisely your advantage when we work for you as an 'extended workbench'. It doesn't matter whether it's about turning, milling, grinding or gear cutting. We have the right machine tool for every type of machining.

There are manufacturing processes that we have specially developed for our own needs and those of our customers. For example, we have found an intelligent method with which we can extend threaded spindles "to any length" – i.e. practically endlessly (up to a diameter of 320 mm).

What are your metalworking challenges? Have you got a production bottleneck somewhere? We're sure to be able to help you. Let us advise you. You can reach us quickly by telephone on +49-(0)7261/92630

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