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You can master any application with our accessories

Only with the right accessories can design engineers and users adapt our linear drives, screw jacks, electrical cylinders, linear actuators, transfer gearboxes and LinearChains optimally to the individual installation situation. You can even design complete lifting systems and construct and synchronise them using our accessories.

That's why we have developed a comprehensive range of accessories for you. You get all accessories in the same outstanding quality as our entire product portfolio. In addition to the comprehensive range of standard accessories, we also meet your customer-specific requirements and develop custom solutions. Our team of engineers will be glad to advise you. Just call us on +49-(0)7261/92630.

All accessory details can be found in our catalogues to suit each product series. Just select the appropriate chapter or product and there you will find the desired accessories.

Typical accessories are:

  • Elastic universal joint shafts
  • Cardan shafts
  • Connection shafts
  • Pedestal bearings
  • Motor cones for motor attachment
  • AC standard motors
  • Torsionally flexible couplings
  • Bellows and spiral springs
  • Special travelling nuts
  • Compensation pieces
  • Guide rails and chain magazine for the LinearChain
  • Fixing strips
  • Cardan plates
  • Various spindle heads
  • Safety retaining nuts
  • Limit switches
  • Cardan adaptors / nut brackets
  • Swivel feet / swivel bearings
  • Swivel version
  • Fixing strips
  • Hand wheels
  • Position encoders

Bevel gear box - important link in a lifting system

A bevel gear box is always used when a complex lifting system is driven with only one motor. The bevel gear box can redirect torques and distributes the torque to several lifting elements.

That's the advantage of bevel gear boxes

  • - Cost-effective alternative for synchronizing several linear actuators in one system
  • - Ratios from 1:1 to 6:1
  • - Lowest power loss through efficiency of over 96%
  • - Different versions of the drive shafts allow a wide variety of system configurations


These sizes are available

In total, there are 8 sizes from V065 to V260 with the following characteristics

  • - Type VL with flange for direct motor mounting for IEC standard motors
  • - Maximum output torque up to Tmax = 2300Nm
  • - duty cycle up to 100% permitted
  • - Can be used in food grade areas, outdoor, potentially explosive areas

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