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Classic Screw jacks

"Classic" Screw jacks from the "MC" series with a classic housing standard have been an important component in design and planning offices since 1965. The basic concept of converting a rotary movement into an axial movement with the aid of a worm gear and a threaded spindle and implementing this in the smallest possible space is just as brilliant today as it was 60 years ago.


  • Robust design
  • Relatively large lifting and moving forces can be accepted
  • Special versions are possible for all environmental conditions and applications

The MC drives are available in 14 sizes, each in a basic version and travelling nut version which, depending on the size, starts from a payload of 5 kN and can lift up to 2000 kN.

Classic high-performance Screw jacks

The high-performance Screw jacks from the "Classic HMC" series are a further development of the "Classic MC" series and are specially matched to the dynamically demanding areas of use for which standard Screw jacks are unsuitable due to their simple construction.


  • HMC drives have a housing shape that is optimised for cooling. The cooling fins allow better dissipation of the heat and a higher duty cycle can thus be achieved
  • The worm gear runs in an oil bath, which dissipates the heat better and distributes it evenly throughout the entire drive
  • The standard version has a self-inhibiting trapezoidal threaded spindle in a planetary milled precision version

The HMC drives are available in 9 different versions, which, depending on the size, start from a payload of 5 kN and can lift up to 1000 kN. In addition, the drives can also be modified in order to achieve higher performances.

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