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The high performance screw jacks classic from the ‘HMC’ series

The high performance screw jacks classic from the ‘HMC’ series are a further development of the ‘MC’ series and are specially matched to the

dynamically demanding areas of use for which standard screw jacks are unsuitable due to their simple construction. The advantages of the construction of the high performance screw jacks lie in the even distribution of the generated heat over the entire screw jack and its good convection via the cooling effect of the oil bath and the special housing shape, as well as the optimum bearing of the worm wheel, which is designed for the longest possible service life. As a result, significantly higher stroke speeds can be achieved in addition to higher powers than those

transmitted by standard version screw jacks.


The high performance screw jacks Classic from the ‚HMC‘ series are distinguished from the standard screw jacks by the following features:


  •  Optimised housing shape with cooling fins for convection of the generated heat
  •  The worm gear runs in an oil bath
  •  The heating zones of the moving spindle and the worm gearing are distributed over the entire length of the housing for better heat dissipation
  •  Standard version with self-inhibiting trapezoidal threaded spindle in planetary milled precision version
  •  Worm gear shaft in case-hardened and ground version
  •  Double-lipped shaft sealing rings on the moving parts at the housing exit
  •  Optimised axial and radial bearing of the worm wheel
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