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Transfer gearboxes – important connecting link in a lifting system

That is the classic application for a transfer gearbox: you have several linear drives that you would like to connect together – i.e. to synchronise. For economic reasons you don't want to drive every single linear drive separately with its own electric motor. This is where our transfer gearboxes come into their own.

That's the advantage of the transfer gearbox

The positive transfer of force and torque between several linear drives. It allows you to construct an entire lifting system with just one drive motor. Through the selection of a favourable reduction gear ratio and speed, an economical motor design can be accounted for, thus increasing the economy of the lifting system.

By the way: the transfer gearboxes can be used for every lifting system, regardless of whether you work with a linear drive from the Class MC series, the Cubic MJ/BJ series or with LinearChains.

This is how the transfer gearbox works:

The design principle is a bevel gear. The rotary movement and torque are thus transferred via a bevel gear wheel pair with an axis angle of 90°. Our transfer gearboxes are equipped with spiral-toothed bevel gear wheels.

A special feature of this is that the outer flanks of the teeth are curved more than the inner flanks. This crowning compensates gear wheel shifts and increases the smoothness of running and thus also the lifetime of the toothing.

If you're now asking yourself where gear wheel shifts occur: in case of imprecise assembly or in the case of overload and the resulting bending of the shaft.

These sizes are available

In total there are 8 sizes from V065 (065 stands for 65 mm edge length) to V260. Reduction ratios from 1:1 to 6:1 are possible. In addition, there are two designs:

Design V

  • With a continuous shaft
  • Maximum output torque up to Tmax = 2,300 Nm
  • Continuous shaft, slow-running

Design VL

  • Drive side with motor flange and motor shaft
  • Suitable for the attachment of IEC standard motors
  • Continuous shaft, slow-running

Here's a hint for design engineers: You're not sure which transfer gearbox is the right one for your lifting system? No problem – just call us directly and we'll help you to find the right solution. Phone +49-(0)7261-92630.



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