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Linear drives provide for linear movements

Linear drives are important components in linear drive technology that fulfil a clear task: they convert a rotary movement into a linear movement. This enables them to move heavy loads quickly.

The Linear drives provides the design engineer with a variety of possibilities to solve transport and positioning tasks. Our offering is rounded off by a large number of threaded nuts and safety retaining nuts (see below). What the design engineer can also vary: the linear speed and size – an ideal solution can always be found.

As opposed to linear drives, where the bearing of the spindle forms a fixed component of the construction, care must be taken with one's own designs that fixed and movable bearings are strictly separated, otherwise the bearing system is overdetermined. Further information on the design of Linear drives can be found in our reference book Principles of linear drive technology on page 28.

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Where are screw jacks used?

Typically in these industries:

  • Wood working and sheet metal processing
  • Conveying equipment
  • Theatre and stage construction
  • General mechanical engineeringFood technology
  • Building services
  • Automation technology

The screw jack is completed by the matching threaded nut

In order to be able to reliably transmit axial forces, you need a matching travelling nut on the spindle (either a trapezoidal threaded spindle or a ball screw). In our product range you can find different threaded nuts, such as...

  • Sqaure steel nuts
  • Hexagonal steel nuts
  • Single flange nuts
  • Travelling nuts with pivot pin or spanner flat
  • Safety retaining nuts

We will be pleased to advise you if you wish to build a lifting system and are looking for a suitable screw jack (spindle and nut). You can reach our application technicians on +49-(0)7261/92630

By the way, we deal with screw jacks in great detail in our reference book "Principles of linear drive technology" on pages 26-34. You can order the book here.

What types of thread do we offer for our screw jacks?

With trapezoidal thread TR10 – TR300. The version with a trapezoidal thread is the most common form of screw jack. We can supply the trapezoidal threaded spindles in these materials:

  • C45
  • V2A 
  • V4A

        With ball screw KGS 16 – KGS 160

        The duty cycle can be increased with a ball screw. The mechanical efficiency is higher (up to 98%). Higher movement speeds and shorter cycle times are thus possible and a lower drive power is required than with a comparable trapezoidal thread. We can supply ball screws in these materials:

      • 42CrMo4V
      • 50CrMo4
      • Cf-53
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