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Electrical cylinders


  • Infinite stroke adjustment with end position limitation by limit switches (safety limit switch optional)
  • Long lifetime with trapezoidal threaded spindle
  • Increased lifetime with ball screw
  • Integrated anti-twist device and self-centring spindle support
  • Large number of stroke speeds
  • Graduation of the available stroke lengths in 50 mm steps up to 600 mm (intermediate lengths and overlengths on enquiry)
  • Various mounting options
  • Splash-proof IP54

Electrical cylinders – for high performances and long lifetimes

Electrical cylinders (old designation: FlexLine) are intended for industrial use, therefore they are particularly robust and equipped with high safety standards.

They have a compact design and are intended for precise positioning tasks.

The structure of the electrical cylinders looks like this

Typical of the electrical cylinders (FlexLine) is the aluminium profile. Fastening plates, limit switches and reed contacts can easily be attached there later on. The modular construction of the electrical cylinders (FlexLine) makes them versatile in use.

The spindles are equipped with different pitches and up to three planetary gear stages for different lifting speeds.

These series are available

You can select from three series:

  • EZ 10
    Motor power 0,06 - 0,12 kW
  • EZ 20
    Motor power 0,25 - 0,5 kW
  • EZ 30
    Motor power 0,75 - 1,5 kW

These versions are possible

There are very different installation situations for electrical cylinders (FlexLine). With these two variants you have – in our experience – a suitable electrical cylinder (FlexLine) for each installation situation.


  • The coaxial version

Motor, planetary gearbox and further attached elements are arranged in-line with the spindle. This version is long, but inexpensive. If you do not have sufficient installation space, you can select the parallel version.

  • The parallel version

Here, the motor is positioned parallel to the spindle axis. The electrical cylinder is much shorter as a result. The force is transmitted from the motor to the spindle via gear wheels. This version is more expensive overall, but it saves space.

Here's a hint for design engineers: You can download our CAD data for your design here. Please call us on +49-(0)7261-92630 if you have any questions or if anything is unclear.

You're not sure which electrical cylinder is the right one for your application? No problem – just call us directly and we'll help you to find the right solution. Phone +49-(0)7261-92630

You can download catalogues and operating instructions for the different types of linear drive here.

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