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The LinearChain even works in the freezer

Just imagine that you would like to present something very special to your guests the next time you have a barbecue. Perhaps kangaroo meat from Australia. So that it arrives fresh on your barbecue, it naturally has to be deep frozen in Australia first. And you will be amazed: the LinearChain from Grob GmbH Antriebstechnik plays a very important role in the freezing process.

The LinearChain – a space saving marvel

Whenever space is limited and loads nevertheless have to be moved safely and precisely, there is no getting around the LinearChain. Typical example: the plate coolers from a New Zealand manufacturer of innovative cooling technology. The specific application here: meat and other foodstuffs are packed in a semi-automated plant and transported onwards.

At the end of the process they will be frozen. That is the moment when the LinearChain pushes the cardboxes (content: meat) onto the shelf. There they are frozen within 24 hours. In this video you can see how this works perfectly. From minute 1:04 you will see how the LinearChain pushes the packed meat onto the plate defroster.

Unusual Conditions

You can say that again. When foodstuffs such as meat, poultry, fish or cheese are deep frozen, the temperatures are in the basement – in other words: below zero, at around -42 °C. That is no problem for the LinearChain. It can still work satisfactorily at even lower temperatures than that.

Drive or LinearChain used:

In this case we used the SK18 with a maximum thrust of 18,000 kN. The particular advantage of the LinearChain is without doubt the fact that very long strokes can be implemented with it very simply, especially in cramped spatial conditions. It can be installed both vertically and horizontally, and precise positioning is possible with it.

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