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Chain Storage

LinearChain have so far always offered the possibility to realize systems with extremely small space. By being able to roll up the chain behind the drive housing, machines can be made more space-saving. Compared with the storage boxes available so far, there is now an even more flexible version - the chain support.

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GROB with you – always and everywhere

You do not always want to sit at the PC to check something on the manufacturer's side?

You would like to send a request from a meeting directly to your supplier?

You want fast and uncomplicated solutions with your supplier?

Then we have something for you!

The new GROB APP is here! Available for Android and IOS.

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Secrets in the deep!

Linear Chain as central element of lifting tables and AGV

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MINI lifting spindle drive – shortest design in this weight class

GROB Antriebstechnik's success story continues.

In January 2018 the company extended its range of linear electromechanical drive equipment by a further product. The unique selling point is revealed by the name – the "MINI", whose ratio of stroke to length is unique due to its special design.  

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Linear drives that lift 200 t - is that possible?

GROB GmbH has been manufacturing with a great deal of know‐how in mechanical engineering for over 70 years now and has accumulated many years of experience in the field of linear drives. The portfolio ranges from custom special drives to mass‐produced screw jacks. Linear drives for large‐scale applications are rare, but that is precisely the reason why a high degree ofexperience is necessary.

The MC200 is one of the very largest linear drives. With a maximum static load of 2000 kN, this drive...

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The MOTEK is approaching fast: Grob Antriebtechnik will be there, of course

Only a few more days now. The MOTEK, the world's leading trade fair for the automation of production and assembly opens its gates once again from 9 - 12 October in Stuttgart). We would be delighted to meet you at our trade fair booth. You can find us here:

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Automatic ventilation for hoist gears with bellows model now available!

Hoist gears are real all-rounders in drive technology. Hardly an application case where they are not as a driving element under the discussion. We manufacture hoist gears since 1945. The basic principle is simple and brilliant at the same time: A rotary motion is simply converted into an axial movement – and this is in extremely small space. 

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Linear chain plays decisive role in the "wedding" on the production line

When the body is assembled together with the engine in the production line manufacture of cars, the experts speak of a "wedding". It is precisely at this point that the linear chain from Grob Antriebstechnik plays a very important role at a premium car manufacturer that produces in England.

The co-operation between our English representative for linear chains - R A Rodriguez (UK) Ltd - with a custom machine manufacturer gave rise to a solution.

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An interview with Philipp Schmalzhaf, Sales Director at Grob GmbH Antriebstechnik

Mr. Schmalzhaf, where do you think the company's strengths lie?

I think our strengths lie mainly in the high service orientation and the short reaction times. Thanks to our large spare parts warehouse we are able to produce ready-to-use lifting elements overnight. Apart from that I'm always pleased to see the motivated and friendly sales team.

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The world's first automatic lubrication system for linear chains is now available!

Mobile systems always have to be lubricated. That also applies to the linear chain, which has long since become an indispensable component of linear drive technology.
Until now we have specified the lubrication interval in the operating instructions. It was the customer's responsibility to observe these prescribed service intervals.

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