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It's always good to lose weight! That's why our linear drives are now lighter than ever before!

Everyone knows that being too heavy has never been healthy. That's why we put our MJ5 linear drive from the MJ series on a strict diet. Now it's slimmer than ever before. The result is impressive.

Small example:

the MJ5 weighs 32 kg. Following the slimming diet, it now weighs only 21 kg. 11 kg less – that makes a weight saving of a whopping 35%.

By the way: all linear drives from the MJ series - from the MJ0 to the MJ5 - are now manufactured using a die casting process.

You might be asking yourself: what do I gain? A lot:

  • Easier mounting due to lower weight.
  • Lower plant weight.
  • Lower transport costs.

But that's by no means all. The duty cycle is also higher. By fully 10%. And the consequences of that are:

  • Longer service life.
  • Shorter cooling and standstill times.
  • Less heat dissipation.

Do you want to know how we achieve this enormous saving?

You're welcome: instead of the previous grey cast iron housing, we now use a die-cast housing. We save a lot of weight due to the thinner walls. In addition, the housing surfaces are smoother and cleaner as a result. 

Here is a typical example that shows how lighter linear drives could be very advantageous for you: just imagine you are planning a lifting system with 50 MJ5 linear drives. The total system would then weigh around 500 kg less.

Are you interested in lighter linear drives? Contact us. Our experienced application engineers will develop the ideal drive solution together with you.

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